Get AirAsia India Flight PNR Status and About AirAsia India Domestic & International Flights

Air Asia India: Travel in Style because Small is Beautiful
One of the smallest and least celebrated airlines in the country is Air Asia India. It is jointly owned by both India and Malaysia, the top shareholders being Tata, Telstra Trade place, and Air Asia. The airline started operating in India between ten different cities from June 2014 and sports a small but reliable fleet of six Airbus A320-200’s. In the last two years, the company has produced good revenue and value of money on the fifty million US dollars invested by Air Asia in Malaysia for the purpose. In general the flights are domestic and low-cost.

Air Asia has a decent and well-designed website that allows you to book flights that it offers. Now, it’s important to note that while most of us are used to book flights from third party websites that offer you a host of airlines consolidated, you can be sure that such websites do not take into account every minor airline in India; even though with flights such as Air Asia, you may actually be able to travel for less money. Hence, it is usually a good idea for a potential passenger to look at the websites of small airlines such as these individually.&nbsp&nbsp

What is Airline PNR status?
Airline PNR status is a typical jargon that you come across when flying, similar to boarding and check-in. Think of a PNR as equivalent to the Dewey decimal system found in most libraries for finding books quickly. The whole importance of a PNR code is a random access. Without a code, you would probably have to go through a list of passenger names to find their details in a massive table of millions of passengers. This would be difficult and time consuming and the resultant time and hassle related to air travel would increase. Random access to a passenger’s information, similar to RAMs in computers or cities with various road links allows the airline to access your information instantly with PNRs.

How to Check Airline PNR Status?
Airline PNR status can be checked over the phone, in person, and online. To check it in person, you have to be present at the airport at least an hour before from the departure. Over the phone, you can contact the airline up to 48 hours in advance. Over the internet, it is just the simple task of going to the website of Air Asia India and entering your PNR.