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Get Chhattisgarh Air Link Flight PNR Status and About Chhattisgarh Air Link Domestic & International Flights

Booking Your Flight with Chhattisgarh Air Link: A Brief Guide
Chhattisgarh Air Link is the only national and international airline service provider based in Chhattisgarh. Born as a part of the Chhattisgarh Aviation Academy, it was conceived in 2012 and is relatively new and still non-scheduled. The airline is particularly useful to the residents of various cities in Chhattisgarh and nearby states, and offers a cheap and a very quick mode of transport between cities in a yet underdeveloped part of the country. Here is a brief guide-through for travelling with Chhattisgarh Air Link:

How to Book the Ticket?
Ticket booking can be done in person, through a travel agent, or online. Of course, the simplest method is online and we’ll discuss it here in details. Simply go to and click on the “reservations” tab. The resultant online form will require you to mention the details of your journey; such as the source and destination names, the number of people travelling, the class, as well as your personal details. The information you provide will be stored in a string titled by your PNR.

What is Flight PNR Status?
PNR Status tells you, if your ticket with any airline is reserved and if the crew at the specified aircraft will actually expect you to board them. PNR stands for Passenger Name Reservation, and contains a record of all the information that your airline needs in order to identify you as a customer. Before you leave for the airport, you should check and know your PNR status to ensure that you are set for the journey.

How to check Flight PNR Status with Chhattisgarh Air Link?
While most airlines offer you with the option of checking your PNR status online, Chhattisgarh Air Link, being a relatively new airline doesn’t give you the option of checking the status of its own flights online. However, their website also gives users the option of booking flights to and from Chhattisgarh with other carriers, and if that is the case, you can look up your PNR status as follows:
1. Determine the “PNR” of your journey from the paper or e-ticket issued to you during the booking.
2. Go to the website of the airline in question and navigate to a section that allows you to manage your bookings.
3. Find a form for PNR status checks and enter your PNR to get your status.
If you have a carrier that doesn’t allow your PNR status to be checked online, consider giving the airlines a call to ensure you’re good to go.

Get Vistara Flight PNR Status and About Vistara Domestic & International Flights

Flying with Vistara: A Little Background and a Few Quick Guidelines
Air Vistara has come out to be one of the most promising recent ventures in the airline industry. The company is owned jointly by Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, and has come out to be one of the most significantly improved airline ventures in recent times; with catering to more than one million passengers in the first year of their stellar journey. The company is celebrating completing one year in the market, since its conception in January 2015.

Travel Booking with Air Vistara is about as simple as it can get. Their website, is very well-designed and made to be user friendly even for people who aren’t used to travel booking. The option for booking a flight appears right on top of the website as the first tab; it takes barely ten minutes to book your flight, if you have all passenger and payment information ready. Like most carriers, they provide you with a ticket containing your PNR; the status of which is crucial to your journey.

What is Flight PNR Status?
Flight PNRs are a string of characters printed on your ticket that allows the airline to connect efficiently to all the information regarding your flight, which they need in order to identify you as a unique customer among the millions they tend to. The status of your PNR is what the carrier will rely on before allowing you to select your meal preferences, let you book your seat (when available), and specify disability or special needs as a flyer when you require them.

How to Book Flight PNR Status with Air Vistara?
Like most world class flight ventures, Air Vistara requires you to not only check your PNR status, but to ultimately inform them of your intention to fly with them; in a process known as “check-in”. You can do this up to 48 hours before the flight departs, failing which the aircraft crew may not allow you to board. This can be done either in person at the airport or in advance from the website, the latter saving you considerable time. In order to check-in online, you need to visit the company website; click on “manage booking” and then on “check-in”. It is here that the company will require you to enter your PNR from your ticket on their form. If your PNR is one that is booked properly with the carrier, you will be expected for the journey.

Get Ventura Airconnect Flight PNR Status and About Ventura Airconnect Domestic & International Flights

Ventura Airconnect: A Guide to Booking Your Flight with the Nation’s First Intrastate Carrier
Ventura Airconnect was founded in 2009 and carries the distinction of being the first airline service that connects cities intra-state. Today, it is still a leading provider of airline services in India, and unlike most commercial airlines; Ventura has the distinction of being the go-to choice of people trying to fly to uncommon locations across the country to which the largest airline providers do not provide a steady and regular traffic. For example, you will have a hard time finding a flight from Jabalpur to Surat on Air India, but with Ventura you can be sure of a seat tomorrow.

Naturally, being a small airline company implies that their fleet is limited; at present only nineteen aircrafts operate under their command and unlike large airlines that fly millions of customers every year, Ventura can only fly around 500,000. Hence, you should plan ahead of time and book a flight significantly in the future, so that seats are available. Booking the flight itself is simple as it can be done through their website. The process is about the same, as booking a flight with anyone else: you find the booking form on the website and provide the relevant details of your journey in it, proceed to pay, and get handed over a PNR number (usually as part of an e-ticktet).

What is Flight PNR Status?
Flight PNR status is a term commonly used in the context of airlines. Here’s a simple way to explain it: since airlines fly hundreds of thousands of customers every year, it is often difficult to keep track of every person’s age, gender, travel start and destination points, aircraft times, baggage status, and even meal and seat preferences. However, since keeping track of these things is crucial to safety and efficiency of work, airlines work by tagging a list of all this information with a code of characters called a “Passenger Name Reservation” code. If you tell an airline person about this code, you are essentially telling them everything they need to know.

How to Check PNR Status in Ventura Airconnect Flights?
All you need to do is to go to the website, and under the bookings tab, find “retrieve a booking”. The form that loads requires your name and your PNR status to be entered. Upon entering, if your status is “booked”, then you are set for your journey and the flight crew will wait for you at the departure terminal.

Get TruJet Flight PNR Status and About TruJet Domestic & International Flights

Trujet: The Number One Airline Choice for Hyderabad Travels
Born as a subsidiary of Turbo Megha Airways, Trujet in spite of being a very new operation (founded July 2015) has come to be a popular choice among the people of Hyderabad. It is a regional airline of India based in Telangana, and has been known in the airline industry for several years as a ground handling and aircraft maintenance service. Now, their passenger airline is turning out to be equally popular. Trujet has been flying to destinations in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh for the past several months, making a steady profit in spite of their limited fleet of only one aircraft. The company has plans of adding larger and greater numbers of aircrafts after two successful years of operation.

Because of the limited fleet, it is important for people looking to book flights with TruJet to buy their tickets in advance. The limited number of seats in the flight that often touches multiple cities implies that short-notice seats can be a potential limitation. However, not a single negative thing can be said about the quality of the flight or the punctuality, or even about the in-flight services. To book flights with TruJet, one has to go to their website and carry out the booking as they normally would for any airline carrier, i.e. providing travel information and obtaining a PNR. The PNR will subsequently be the most important link between you and the airline.

What is Airline PNR Status?
PNR status is a typical airline jargon that often confuses new travellers. Standing for “Passenger Name Reservation” it is nothing but a string of characters linking to your travel details on the airline database that allows them to identify you with ease. It performs the same operation as the bar-code on your ticket, only it is capable of being imparted verbally.

How to Check PNR Status of TruJet Flights?
Checking PNR status with TruJet is a piece of cake; you have to reach them on the internet ( and navigate to “Plan Your Trip” on the top right. Once there, you will see several options including “Flight Status” and “Manage Booking”. Flight status would tell you whether the flight is flying as scheduled. To get to know whether you as a passenger have secured a seat in it, go to “Manage Bookings” and enter your PNR. The website would proceed to give you the relevant information regarding your flight.

Get TajAir Flight PNR Status and About TajAir Domestic & International Flights

Taj Air: You’re Ticket to A Palace in the Sky
The term “airline” has come to signify corporate monoliths flying tens of aircrafts, offering affordable to luxury travel for millions of people every year. This sort of takes the spotlight of a different manner of airline service: that of rentable jets that are available at your demand and offer ranges of versatility and pleasure, which is rarely met by the average commercial airline. Taj Air is one such chartered airline and is owned by the Tata group of industries. It is the same airline that was founded by J.R.D. Tata, India’s first commercial pilot.

The benefits of travelling in a rented jet are many: the jets are small in size and rarely accommodate more than six to eight people. However, the facilities you can avail in a private jet are endless: you can have a flight attendant at your disposal taking care of your meal and beverage preferences, with the rules for catering being the same as that of any commercial airline for domestic and international flights. You shall be connected to the world through satellite phones, and have a nice time with your group. The two best benefits of private jets, however they can fly to pretty much any destination you prefer on demand, and you do not have to go through the normal hassle of securing a seat in a flight and worrying about your PNR Status.

What is Airline PNR Status?
Airline PNR is a string of characters used by airlines to determine who you are and where you’re going. The PNR status of your journey tells you whether or not you have a final seat reserved and have met the criteria for boarding the flight. Because a normal airline tends to hundreds of passengers on board, the responsibility of securing your place is on you and sometimes it can get quite annoying and stressful: honestly, have you ever met a frequent flyer, who did not complain about the way of things in an airport? I imagine not.

By flying with Taj Air, you meander away from all these issues and get yourself on board a flight with all the details of your journey taken care of by an in-flight attendant catering specifically to you. Hence, it is a popular choice among people who can afford it. Taj Air currently offers two different kinds of jets for their clients.