Get Chhattisgarh Air Link Flight PNR Status and About Chhattisgarh Air Link Domestic & International Flights

Booking Your Flight with Chhattisgarh Air Link: A Brief Guide
Chhattisgarh Air Link is the only national and international airline service provider based in Chhattisgarh. Born as a part of the Chhattisgarh Aviation Academy, it was conceived in 2012 and is relatively new and still non-scheduled. The airline is particularly useful to the residents of various cities in Chhattisgarh and nearby states, and offers a cheap and a very quick mode of transport between cities in a yet underdeveloped part of the country. Here is a brief guide-through for travelling with Chhattisgarh Air Link:

How to Book the Ticket?
Ticket booking can be done in person, through a travel agent, or online. Of course, the simplest method is online and we’ll discuss it here in details. Simply go to and click on the “reservations” tab. The resultant online form will require you to mention the details of your journey; such as the source and destination names, the number of people travelling, the class, as well as your personal details. The information you provide will be stored in a string titled by your PNR.

What is Flight PNR Status?
PNR Status tells you, if your ticket with any airline is reserved and if the crew at the specified aircraft will actually expect you to board them. PNR stands for Passenger Name Reservation, and contains a record of all the information that your airline needs in order to identify you as a customer. Before you leave for the airport, you should check and know your PNR status to ensure that you are set for the journey.

How to check Flight PNR Status with Chhattisgarh Air Link?
While most airlines offer you with the option of checking your PNR status online, Chhattisgarh Air Link, being a relatively new airline doesn’t give you the option of checking the status of its own flights online. However, their website also gives users the option of booking flights to and from Chhattisgarh with other carriers, and if that is the case, you can look up your PNR status as follows:
1. Determine the “PNR” of your journey from the paper or e-ticket issued to you during the booking.
2. Go to the website of the airline in question and navigate to a section that allows you to manage your bookings.
3. Find a form for PNR status checks and enter your PNR to get your status.
If you have a carrier that doesn’t allow your PNR status to be checked online, consider giving the airlines a call to ensure you’re good to go.