Get IndiGo Flight PNR Status and About IndiGo Domestic & International Flights

IndiGo: A Guide to Flying with India’s Largest Airline

In a stupendous feat of business acumen, an IndiGo has gone from a novice in the airline market all the way to being India’s largest airline. Today, it has over a hundred Airbuses with the company’s intentions being quite clear in their recent acquisition of over four times the number of airplanes they currently have. Yes, IndiGo plans to take the Indian airline market to a level that nobody has seen before.

It has been compared to Ryanair in Europe, since the rates provided by IndiGo is quite cheap compared to the ones provided by their rivals, such as Air India or Jet Airways. This is the reason IndiGo is such a popular choice among the Indian working class. IndiGo doesn’t bother itself with refreshments, on flight televisions, and other superfluous facilities. It is more concerned with what it should be concerned about – efficiency of flying and taking you from one point to another in due time for the least amount of money. Since most flights in India are short, you don’t typically go into severe problems by not eating for say two hours. However, for those in need, there is food available for purchase.

Booking a flight with IndiGo is simple – it’s no different from booking a flight with other airlines. You can usually go to a third-party travel website, such as, or and search for flights going from your location to your destination. Usually, IndiGo is one of the top results when you sort flights according to price. If it isn’t and you want to travel with indigo particularly because of frequent flyer credits, you may have to go to their website to buy a ticket and get a PNR.

What is Airline PNR?
An airline passenger name record is simply a record of the details of a passenger that s/he holds when travelling by an airline. It’s known to be quite simple to use when interacting with the airport staff, as it is nothing but a string of alphanumeric characters. Moreover, checking a PNR status on an airplane is usually just being very cautious, since planes are rarely overbooked as compared to trains. Also, given the relatively less number of plane travellers, it is easier for you to find empty flight seats.
To check your PNR status with IndiGo, simply go to and enter your status in the form that allows you to manage bookings that already exist.