Get Pinnacle Air Flight PNR Status and About Pinnacle Air Domestic & International Flights

Pinnacle Air: From Formula One to Kedarnath – Always By Your Side
Although a number of flight charter services have sprung up in India in the recent years, only a handful of them manage to come up to the mark in terms of quality of service and versatility of areas covered. Pinnacle Air is one such air charter Company. Founded only recently in 2010, the company has hosted the live telecast of the formula one race in India, which has gained it significant acclaim. Other than this, it also hosts a number of pilgrimage tours – if you’re one for that kind of thing, you probably know that some of the pilgrimages, such as Kedarnath are quite remote and it’s difficult for old people to manage to get there. With Pinnacle Air, you can simply take a chartered helicopter.

Pinnacle Air primarily offers helicopters for chartered hire. In order to hire a helicopter, you can take one of two ways – for certain commonly asked-for services such as copters to Kedarnath, you can simply fill up an online form available at and await a confirmation of your reservation. They do not accept payment directly by credit card, but you have the option of transferring money to their bank account using internet banking. A good thing about using the chartered services of Pinnacle air is that it does not involve PNR.

What is Flight PNR Status?
The PNR Status of an Airline tells you, whether or not your seat in the flight is reserved. For an unreserved PNR, you may be on waiting list or may not be able to otherwise board the flight because unlike trains it is impossible to overboard a flight. Hence, it is important for prospective passengers to carefully check and ensure that their PNR status is confirmed. The PNR status is usually a short or long string of alphanumeric characters that appear on the plane ticket.

The benefit of a chartered airline, as stated earlier is that there are no PNRs attached to it. This means that you do not have to worry about not being reserved and will always end up finding a place in the helicopter if you pay the money. With Pinnacle Air, you can get to places, otherwise difficult to reach with minimal effort. When it comes to prices, the airline is about as cheap as most scheduled flights – they charge as low as INR 3500 for a flight to Kedarnath.