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Get Air Odisha Flight PNR Status and About Air Odisha Domestic & International Flights

Air Odisha: A Pioneer among Regional Airlines in Eastern India

One of the key problems of urban development in present day in India, that the big cities grow more and more affluent as the less developed parts of the country develop slowly. Given that eastern India has been one of the most affected areas, Air Odisha may be hailed as one of the few ventures from that part of the country that would lead to instant development. Conceived in late 2012, the airline today has nine aircrafts in its fleet and undertakes flights to various cities in Odisha, such as Bhubaneshwar, Sambalpur, Rourkela, etc. and some cities out of state, such as Raipur and Ranchi.

The easiest way for you to book a flight with Air Odisha is through their website. Because they are a non-scheduled airline, it is not possible for you to book flights the normal way; i.e. buying a plane ticket and being issued a PNR. What you have to do is to contact them separately and request for a chartered jet. Apart from the average charter, the airline also offers specialised services such as flower-dropping, air ambulance, election campaigning and so on. Once you contact them, they will get back to you with a quote of the amount of money you will have to pay for the journey you specified. Upon agreement, you’ll find that chartered jets are much easier to get around than the normal flight booking process. This is because for a chartered jet, the entire attention of the crew and the supporting staff is on you. They’ll take care of every concern and technicality that flying involves and you can just enjoy yourself. One of the best things about flying chartered is that there is no PNR involved.

What is Airline PNR Status?
An airline PNR status is similar to an ID number issued to workers or students, only in this case it is used for passengers travelling in an airplane. PNR or passenger name record is a unique character string tagged onto your travel information, so that it is easy for the airlines to find. This is only relevant in scheduled flights, because each plane holds over a hundred people and the airline itself probably tends to tens of thousands of people every day. For chartered flights, you and your group are the only passenger, so a unique identification is meaningless. This makes flying a lot easier.