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Get Air India Express Flight PNR Status and About Air India Express Domestic & International Flights

Air India Express: When Technology Meets Cultural Roots
Air India Express is a low-cost subsidiary of Air India. It started off in 2012, when India’s previous domestic airline group “Indian Airlines” gave up operations and merged officially with Air India. The airline is a low-cost venture for mainly domestic and a few international flights.
What makes Air India Express special is the make of the aircrafts. While the planes are not different in models from the ones run by Air India itself, the design of the planes is different. Each side of the tail of an Air India plane has something that signifies Indian culture and heritage painted on it. For example, the VT-AXC has a sitar on the left tail and a tabla on the right tail. The headquarters of this airline are based at Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi in Kerala and has seventeen aircrafts in service with eight being acquired. Here is what you need to know about booking a ticket with Air India Express and getting your PNR.

What is Airline PNR Status?
Airline PNR Status is a string of random characters generated by an airline’s database, as a link to all the information relevant to a customer’s journey with them. Hence, a PNR can be thought of as the sole string of data connecting a passenger to the airline staff. The PNR is printed clearly on every plane ticket, and the barcode present in the ticket is generated to scan the PNR when required. The status of a PNR can be confirmed, uncertain or denied. This status determines whether or not you are fit to travel with the airline. Before boarding and before you are allowed to check into your flight, the airline will check your PNR. To that end, you should always check your PNR well in advance to make sure that you are good to go.

How to Check PNR Status with Air India?
If you are reading this, chances are that you are savvy with the internet; in that case the best way to do it is online. If on the other hand, you are at a location where internet is not available; you can also check PNR over the phone by contacting the airline over the phone number present on the ticket. To check your PNR status online, simply go to the website of the airline; click on the tab that allows you to manage your booking and input your PNR code.