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Get Air India Flight PNR Status and About Air India Domestic & International Flights

Flying with Air India: A Brief Introduction to the Airline and a Guide to Booking Tickets
Air India is the India’s oldest airline and is currently India’s flag carrier. It was founded by J R D Tata in 1932 as Tata Airlines and was subsequently absorbed by the government of India. At present the airline boasts over a hundred aircrafts of short and long range capacities, made by both Airbus and Boeing with several aircrafts being acquired at frequent intervals. In spite of numerous political scandals and accusations of corruption attributed to the airline, the fact of the matter remains that the airline is still the second most influential airways presently available to the public for international air travel, second only to Jet Airways.

Boarding a flight with Air India can be done in two ways – directly through the airline website, and through a third-party travel website. Whichever way you choose to take, the procedure for flight booking remains the same. However, in case of international flights that involve connections, it is often a good idea for you to book a journey through a third party carrier because it is easier and takes a lot of stress away from long-haul air travel. For example, booking a flight from New Delhi to London Heathrow is best done from the air India website, as it’ll get you the cheapest fares. However, a flight from Calcutta to Heathrow would require a connecting flight to Delhi or Mumbai, which gives the wrong booking decision and problems with PNR, can ruin your journey.

What is Airline PNR Status?
Air India caters to millions of passengers a year, and given that each individual passenger has a long set of information pertaining to travel that is relevant to their safe and secure commute, the airline is faced with a tremendous supply of information. In order to keep things simple and make it possible for officials to trace all your information at a single point, a passenger name record is used. It is a simple string of characters printed on your ticket, that when conveyed to an airline staff; would tell them everything they need to know about their journey. Before you travel in an international flight, you’re required to “check-in” either at the airport or online. When you check in, remember to check the status of your PNR to ensure that the airline is expecting you to board their flight at the given date and time.