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Passenger Name Records in Airlines: There Use and How to Check Their Status

If you’ve ever travelled by plane (or in India, even by train), you have probably come across the term “PNR status”. You might have noticed that you are required to quote it during your journey and sometimes “checking your PNR” is an important factor in confirming your journey. This article will give you a brief description of what PNR status is, and how it is useful for journeys around the world in airlines. Further to that, it will teach you how to check your PNR status for most flights in India and abroad.

What is Airline PNR status?
An airline is a massive business, and even the ones that are considered to be small businesses in India cater to at least 500,000 to a million people every year. Given the large number of passengers, it is often difficult for an airline to maintain and individual record of each journey. Note also, that for each journey, the amount of data required is massive. To begin with, the airlines requires to identify you – this can be done by your passport number, name, address, picture, fingerprints, and a lot of other advanced methods in international flights, or simply at the production of a valid ID in domestic flights. Then it requires your journey details; i.e. where you are going, which flight you’re taking, what you would like to eat, etc. etc.
All this information is difficult to be produced individually every time a look into your status is required. Hence, airlines maintain strings of characters called the PNR that links to each of this information. You can think of a PNR as a bookmark in a massive dictionary of passenger entries that leads to your page.

How to Check Airline PNR status
There are multiple ways of doing it. If you are tech savvy and don’t mind doing it on the internet, there are several websites that allow you to check the PNR status of airlines, both of the airline itself and third party travel websites from India. All you have to do is to go to the website and find the form where you are allowed to manage your booking. Once you enter your PNR in the ensuing form, you will be directed to the status of your flight and possibly to a check in page. Alternately, you can always give the airline a call to check your PNR.