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Get Club One Air Flight PNR Status and About Club One Air Domestic & International Flights

Club One Air: India’s First Fractional Ownership Airline

Its conception in 2005 was celebrated all over the country because of its business model. Club One Air is Asia’s first fractional ownership model business. This means that multiple parties across the world chipped in to produce an airline with hubs in Delhi, Mumbai, and Vishakhapatnam. It is known for providing a host of services both leisure and emergency; with its fleet of helicopters. Being an air charter company, Club One Air doesn’t fly regular flights between locations that can be booked from the internet and availed by means of a PNR.

To book a flight with Club One Air, you have to go to their website and find yourself a quote of the price required to fly from one location to another with them. Typically, the airline offers you flights for tourism, for leisure, as well as emergency air ambulance services; if you are stuck in a difficult to reach place and have a sick or injured person to be taken care of. Club One Air also offers corporate flights for companies that require helicopters for work tours. As stated earlier, you do not need a PNR to travel with Club One Air. All you have to go is to pay the company separately and your flight will be taken care of by them exclusively.

What is Flight PNR Status?
An airline PNR status is a very vital but very simple concept. The idea behind a PNR, or passenger name record, is random access. Because a lot of important information for each passenger flying with a commercial airline is relevant to a journey, and because an average commercial airline flies a lot of passengers in a given financial year; it follows that handling such massive amounts of information is difficult sequentially. A PNR allows an airline to sort out your information directly from the database, so that you can be given immediate support.

However, in case of Club One Air, you do not need to go into this kind of hassle. If you need support, chances are that a person from the airline will accompany you at all times help with them. Travelling in a chartered jet is a much more luxurious experience to travelling by an air on an economy class ticket with an average airline. If you’re ever in need of a chartered helicopter, consider availing one by Club One Air.