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Get GoAir Flight PNR Status and About GoAir Domestic & International Flights

How to Book a Flight Ticket with GoAir: A Rough Guide Through

Given the sheer frequency with which airlines have proliferated in India over the last few decades, passengers are overflown with options for airlines, when it comes to flight booking. Naturally, the three airlines giants of the country – Jet airways, Air India, and IndiGo are the most popular because of the sheer number of aircrafts they have. However, it’s important to note that while these aircrafts are most popular, their popularity also often results in surges of prices; thanks to the law of supply and demand. Therefore there are airlines such as GoAir that come in handy when IndiGo’s flights are overbooked and you have nowhere to go.

GoAir started off relatively recently in 2005. It has two hubs, one at Bombay and another at Delhi. In spite of the relatively small fleet of nineteen aircrafts, the carrier provide close to a thousand flights a week within the country. It is a popular choice among people, who have to commute to work or home frequently. Booking a flight specifically with GoAir is simple, because their website that offers the option of online booking is fairly simple to go through.

Booking a Flight with GoAir
There isn’t much to it – you simply go to goair.in, entering your source and destination codes in the form provided, find flights available to your destination. Once you pick a flight that is suitable, it takes you to a booking section, where you have to enter your personal details for the flight to be booked in your name. Finally, you make the payment and that’s it. An electronic ticket will be emailed to you containing the PNR number of your flight in it.

What is Airline PNR Status?
A PNR status is similar to a bookmark in a dictionary – it allows the airline to pick up a certain passenger’s travel information among the millions it caters to every year. Your PNR, as stated earlier is usually on your ticket.

How to Check PNR Status with GoAir?
Checking PNR status with GoAir is simple – the website mentioned above has a section, where you can edit or otherwise manage a booking that you have already made with the carrier. You simply go to that part of the website and enter your PNR in the form provided. The website will search through your travel information and tell you whether or not your flight is in order with their aircraft.