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Get Deccan Charters Flight PNR Status and About Deccan Charters Domestic & International Flights

Jet Hire, Charters, and More: All You Need to Know About Deccan Charters
When it comes to hiring private jets, your one stop to all that the country has to offer is Deccan Charters. The airline is so successful that its competitors, such as Taj Air or BJet have teamed up with it instead of serving as arch rivals. It was conceived in 1997 by Captain G Gopinath. Eventually, a major commercial part of the company, Air Deccan was absorbed by Kingfisher Airlines. Once Kingfisher went defunct, all that remained of Deccan Charters was the service of providing private jets.

Deccan Shuttles
Deccan Charters used to allow jets for hire that were non-scheduled airlines flying to connect Gujarat cities; such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Jamnagar, etc. However, in 2013 the service was discontinued by Deccan Charters claiming that the patronage of flying jets in the area was poor.

Under the “power-fly” label, you can still access jets from Deccan Charters and what’s more, it also provides you with a membership option that allows you to access jets from Taj Air and BJet. The company also allows you to hire Turbo Props and Helicopters. Here is now to book a jet with them; you’ll notice that the best thing about booking a jet is that there’s no PNR hassle involved.

Flying with Deccan Charters
To Fly with Deccan Charters, all you have to do is to go to their website and click on the service you wish to avail. Once you click, a simple procedure will help you find a quote on how much it’ll cost to hire a plane for the specified journey or period. Once you decide to travel, the airline will take care of everything, since you are its only customer. There will be no worries about reservation and check-ins and PNR status checking.

What is Airline PNR status?
Airline PNR status is a code that is printed on your ticket that tells airlines everything they need to know about you as a passenger. It has all your details before you fly, and once you begin your journey; it keeps updating your feed provided, if you have multiple stops involved. Sometimes, checking the PNR status of your flight can be a bit of a hassle. With chartered jets that only run because you hired them, there is no such problem with PNR status required and you can fly with relative comfort and be tension free.