Get TruJet Flight PNR Status and About TruJet Domestic & International Flights

Trujet: The Number One Airline Choice for Hyderabad Travels
Born as a subsidiary of Turbo Megha Airways, Trujet in spite of being a very new operation (founded July 2015) has come to be a popular choice among the people of Hyderabad. It is a regional airline of India based in Telangana, and has been known in the airline industry for several years as a ground handling and aircraft maintenance service. Now, their passenger airline is turning out to be equally popular. Trujet has been flying to destinations in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh for the past several months, making a steady profit in spite of their limited fleet of only one aircraft. The company has plans of adding larger and greater numbers of aircrafts after two successful years of operation.

Because of the limited fleet, it is important for people looking to book flights with TruJet to buy their tickets in advance. The limited number of seats in the flight that often touches multiple cities implies that short-notice seats can be a potential limitation. However, not a single negative thing can be said about the quality of the flight or the punctuality, or even about the in-flight services. To book flights with TruJet, one has to go to their website and carry out the booking as they normally would for any airline carrier, i.e. providing travel information and obtaining a PNR. The PNR will subsequently be the most important link between you and the airline.

What is Airline PNR Status?
PNR status is a typical airline jargon that often confuses new travellers. Standing for “Passenger Name Reservation” it is nothing but a string of characters linking to your travel details on the airline database that allows them to identify you with ease. It performs the same operation as the bar-code on your ticket, only it is capable of being imparted verbally.

How to Check PNR Status of TruJet Flights?
Checking PNR status with TruJet is a piece of cake; you have to reach them on the internet ( and navigate to “Plan Your Trip” on the top right. Once there, you will see several options including “Flight Status” and “Manage Booking”. Flight status would tell you whether the flight is flying as scheduled. To get to know whether you as a passenger have secured a seat in it, go to “Manage Bookings” and enter your PNR. The website would proceed to give you the relevant information regarding your flight.