Get Ventura Airconnect Flight PNR Status and About Ventura Airconnect Domestic & International Flights

Ventura Airconnect: A Guide to Booking Your Flight with the Nation’s First Intrastate Carrier
Ventura Airconnect was founded in 2009 and carries the distinction of being the first airline service that connects cities intra-state. Today, it is still a leading provider of airline services in India, and unlike most commercial airlines; Ventura has the distinction of being the go-to choice of people trying to fly to uncommon locations across the country to which the largest airline providers do not provide a steady and regular traffic. For example, you will have a hard time finding a flight from Jabalpur to Surat on Air India, but with Ventura you can be sure of a seat tomorrow.

Naturally, being a small airline company implies that their fleet is limited; at present only nineteen aircrafts operate under their command and unlike large airlines that fly millions of customers every year, Ventura can only fly around 500,000. Hence, you should plan ahead of time and book a flight significantly in the future, so that seats are available. Booking the flight itself is simple as it can be done through their website. The process is about the same, as booking a flight with anyone else: you find the booking form on the website and provide the relevant details of your journey in it, proceed to pay, and get handed over a PNR number (usually as part of an e-ticktet).

What is Flight PNR Status?
Flight PNR status is a term commonly used in the context of airlines. Here’s a simple way to explain it: since airlines fly hundreds of thousands of customers every year, it is often difficult to keep track of every person’s age, gender, travel start and destination points, aircraft times, baggage status, and even meal and seat preferences. However, since keeping track of these things is crucial to safety and efficiency of work, airlines work by tagging a list of all this information with a code of characters called a “Passenger Name Reservation” code. If you tell an airline person about this code, you are essentially telling them everything they need to know.

How to Check PNR Status in Ventura Airconnect Flights?
All you need to do is to go to the website, and under the bookings tab, find “retrieve a booking”. The form that loads requires your name and your PNR status to be entered. Upon entering, if your status is “booked”, then you are set for your journey and the flight crew will wait for you at the departure terminal.