Get Vistara Flight PNR Status and About Vistara Domestic & International Flights

Flying with Vistara: A Little Background and a Few Quick Guidelines
Air Vistara has come out to be one of the most promising recent ventures in the airline industry. The company is owned jointly by Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, and has come out to be one of the most significantly improved airline ventures in recent times; with catering to more than one million passengers in the first year of their stellar journey. The company is celebrating completing one year in the market, since its conception in January 2015.

Travel Booking with Air Vistara is about as simple as it can get. Their website, is very well-designed and made to be user friendly even for people who aren’t used to travel booking. The option for booking a flight appears right on top of the website as the first tab; it takes barely ten minutes to book your flight, if you have all passenger and payment information ready. Like most carriers, they provide you with a ticket containing your PNR; the status of which is crucial to your journey.

What is Flight PNR Status?
Flight PNRs are a string of characters printed on your ticket that allows the airline to connect efficiently to all the information regarding your flight, which they need in order to identify you as a unique customer among the millions they tend to. The status of your PNR is what the carrier will rely on before allowing you to select your meal preferences, let you book your seat (when available), and specify disability or special needs as a flyer when you require them.

How to Book Flight PNR Status with Air Vistara?
Like most world class flight ventures, Air Vistara requires you to not only check your PNR status, but to ultimately inform them of your intention to fly with them; in a process known as “check-in”. You can do this up to 48 hours before the flight departs, failing which the aircraft crew may not allow you to board. This can be done either in person at the airport or in advance from the website, the latter saving you considerable time. In order to check-in online, you need to visit the company website; click on “manage booking” and then on “check-in”. It is here that the company will require you to enter your PNR from your ticket on their form. If your PNR is one that is booked properly with the carrier, you will be expected for the journey.